Frequently Asked Questions

All you need is to bring some form of official photo ID, preferably a passport or driving license.
Yes. Most people who come to see me are uncomfortable in turbulence. This subject is covered in great detail when we meet, and we will get started by building a mutual rapport. I will explain what causes turbulence and reassure you why it is uncomfortable but not dangerous. As a Clinical Psychotherapist and a Flight Attendant, I will teach you techniques to help reduce your anxiety during turbulence.
I have been a Flight Attendant for over 23 years and a Psychotherapist for over 10 years. My expertise in both fields is sufficient reassurance that I am an expert on these two professions. My extensive experience has allowed me to develop a protocol that not only helps first time flyers, but also those who have flown before.
You are not alone. I promise you that. Over the years, several thousand people who are claustrophobic or who suffer from a fear of heights have been able to overcome their fears with in vivo exposure (a form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy) and the help of a psychotherapist coacing the exposure. You will also be taught relaxation techniques that you can put into practice on the flight.
Yes!! You can call 774-722-8328 any time, day or night, and I will get back to you. Everything is treated in the strictest confidence.